Enrollment at JCCC is down, while the free lunch rate in Johnson County has increased over the past decade. This suggests we should look for an opportunity to decrease the cost of tuition; instead, the current Board of Trustees recently voted to raise tuition. Just as strong public schools gave me an opportunity to “step up,” we need to ensure that tuition and fees are kept affordable for all Johnson County residents.

Equity and Inclusion

Unlike many community colleges across the country, JCCC does not have a dedicated Equity and Inclusion resource. Because of my own background from a low-income family, and the experiences I had teaching, I focused on studying the intersection of race, class and gender with education in grad school. What I learned is that public schools are incredible resources, which can be made better for everyone when they are fully committed to supporting all students and other members of the school community.


Over the past few years, faculty trust in the administration at JCCC has declined precipitously. The Board of Trustees also received push back from the community recently after the elimination of the track and cross-country programs. What these issues have in common is a lack of transparency and communication between Board members and various stakeholders. As a Trustee, addressing these relationships would be among my top priorities.